Hey there. I just wanted to say that I read your post, and I really appreciated it. It’s cool that you thought of what it may be like in our position… I’m not sure how often we get that. We’ve all had crap thrown at us before, we’re in a rock band. Part of being up on stage like that is knowing you are very vulnerable- its an enormous mob of 10,000 people against 5 of us. We love you guys and will continue to give ourselves as much as we can for the music… but I’ll admit it is a little harder to open up when you’re dodging stuff people are throwing at you. (For the record- that bottle didn’t miss me, it hit me right in the stomach ) Mostly because, we know that isn’t coming from fans- fans don’t act that way. Anyway, our Australian fans have been awesome for us this tour- better than ever, so thank you guys so much for rocking as hard as you have- its all about the shows and our time here has been truly fun. And for all the kids at all the fences- you rock too, and we always try to pay our respect to you and spend a little one on one time with you… actually, that’s the reason for the no pics rule mostly. It’s special to me to be able to actually talk to you like people, instead of performing to a camera on a cell phone. I figure you’re waiting after the show because you want to meet us, not just get another picture when there are hundreds you can find on the internet- and that’s why I come out too- to meet you, and feel some form of human connection. So thank you to all of our true fans, which I know there are quite alot of. You have given us an experience we will remember forever this time around. WE LOVE YOU CRAZY AUSSIES!! (did i spell that right? ozzies? whatever. you rule.)

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