Amy Lee has confirmed in a message on that Evanescence will be performing a one-off concert in Brazil later this year. The band will take to the stage at a festival in Sao Paulo in November, but Amy says there will be no new songs performed. Read what she had to say below:

Hey guys,
I know you figured it out already but I just wanted to say we are indeed headlining one of the three nights at the festival in Sao Paulo in November! We’ve had a few cool opportunities to play one-offs over the past year or so, and I usually end up saying no because I’ve been so focused on the new material and I don’t want to get sidetracked (organizing an Ev show takes some pretty serious time and preparation). BUT the writing has been going so well lately, and you Brazil fans are some of our best and craziest, we decided to just go for it! We wont be playing new material, its going to be a collection of songs you already know (new stuff will come in due time ). I also wanted you to know that this is not the surprise I was referring to- that is still coming, and it WILL be a little something new to hear. ….. I really love these little smiley guys. And what the hell is this one Ghost? It looks like a ghost that swallowed a hanger. ANYWAY, I’m really excited and a little nervous about the show- I’ve been my anonymous alter-ego for a long time! Mostly I can’t wait to feel that feeling again- completely swallowed by the music. I love you guys and I can’t wait to see you Brazil! We’re gonna have a good time.


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