I’m so late posting this but I’m happy to report that Amy Lee is now on Twitter! Even though she posts messages on Evthreads, it’s great to be able to follow her and often read little updates on music and whatever else. Plus she revealed the surprise!

Follow Amy at http://twitter.com/AmyLeeEV. Read 2 of her Evthreads messages and the surprise tweets below:

Hey guys!

I can’t believe I’m saying this but…..
I’ve decided to try out the twitter thing. I think it might be a fun way to stay in touch better and I know I need to announce myself on here because there are so many other ‘me’s.’ My name on twitter is AmyLeeEv. I can’t guarantee I’ll have anything interesting to say but if you’re really bored and need a distraction, why not follow me? Actually, I think I haven an idea for my first tweet. How about I spill the first little surprise I’ve been holding onto? See you there!

And hey, just so you guys know, the album is the priority. Its all I’ve been doing this year and I am dying to put it out. The plan is to get it out next year, but it definitely wont be out by April, so this Muppets thing is just an appetizer till then. I know that telling you something is coming out in 6 months seems kinda lame because its far away but Im just really excited (and when I first said there was a surprise I thought it would be out within a month). I know it sounds crazy but the song is killer. That’s my opinion anyway, I had a great time making it.

Alright. Going back to work…..


And the big surprise…..

OK, here comes the surprise. It’s gonna take a few tweets to tell you the whole thing.

Remember the Nightmare Before Christmas covers CD last year? They are making another one, this time its Muppet songs..

When they asked me if I wanted to do a song, I thought it was a really cool idea but I didn’t think there would be anything that fit me…

but right before saying no, I went online and listened to all the songs just in case anything sparked, and I found something…

so Will Hunt (guy I did Sally’s Song with) and I went completely crazy with it and it is really different and, I think, REALLY cool…

I thought it was going to come out this year but I’ve just been told its been pushed to spring, April I think…

so well have to wait a little bit for it, but I think its worth it. 😉

I’m really excited about it! I have one more surprise and its not so far away… 😀 Stay tuned!

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