You have all been so wonderful to me, and to all of us. It is absolutely true that this tour would have ended long ago if it weren’t for all of the fans. I don’t know if you realize how hard it is to successfully tour these days, but many people are being forced to cancel their tours. We, because of you, are one of the very lucky and fortunate few who have never been in that position. You have come to see us play, most of you multiple times, and some of you have traveled extremely long distances to see the show. The fact that we are a rock band, over a year after our album’s release, finishing out on an arena tour is nothing short of a miracle. There have been thrilling and beautiful times in the past year, and also some painful, hard times. In the end I know it was all for good, and I am completely grateful that everything happened the way it did. Life throws you all kinds of things you could never expect. Sometimes I find myself looking back at the past few years and laughing at how crazy this whole thing is (how did I get HERE??) and wondering what my life would be like if music hadn’t won my heart…well ok, thats almost impossible to imagine. If this band hadn’t been formed though- would I be teaching music in a high school? Always wishing I’d broke through, going to concerts on the weekend going, “I could do that!…” I am so blessed. And I am very grateful to all of you for hearing me, for letting me into your lives and for loving music. This last day of tour is of course a happy day, were all excited to see our families and move back into our homes, but it is bittersweet. This is the end of another chapter in our lives, one that we will never EVER forget.

I will love and miss my wonderful crew, who are the absolute BEST, and I wish all of them happiness and good gigs for next year and beyond. And of course, my band, who are some of the most talented people I’ve ever known. (I’m sure I’ll get all sappy and cry on you after the show tonight but just in case you have too much eggnog to remember, I want all four of you to know that I love you. You inspire me to be a better musician and it has been pure pleasure playing with you every night. Will and Troy- I am so excited for the new DND album! It sounds amazing and you deserve great success and respect for your art. Thank you guys for saving me! Tim, I’m gonna miss you so much. Your contribution to the band has been so good on so many levels. I am SO lucky to have found you! And Terry, I think we may have seen it all through the Open Door. From sunrise epiphanies in Calabasas to purgatory in the ICU, to playing with Iron Maiden at Donnington, to our first grammy nomination together. Congratulations, T. You deserve it.)
Thank you fans who brought us love and presents last week! I freaking LOVE the cupcake cookbook and plan on making some TOMORROW! Ok, I’m done cheesing out now. I love you guys very much and hope we meet again soon! Thank you for everything.

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