Hey everybody! I just wanted to say hi now that I’m home. The tour was awesome- thank you guys for all the gifts, letters, and rabid screaming encouragement. Its good to be home though. I know alot of you have been voting for the lithum video on mtv, and I love you for that (feels like we have minions). Keep it up, they have it now, but it will really help the more you all vote for it and ask for it- our label really messed up the release so the only country its not playing in is the US! (which is really sad considering WE LIVE HERE) We can use all the help we can get so keep bugging them! Strength in numbers! I love you guys. See you soon.

ps- i just wanted you to know that after careful deliberation, Terry and I decided we are definitely pirates. John, Rocky and Tim on the other hand are sure they are ninjas. We are now a band divided… (pirates rule)

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