my Lee isn’t very happy.

“I lost my PSP,” she told What’s On while on tour in Australia. “I left it on the airplane. Now I have a 15-hour flight ahead, and all I can do is stare at the chair in front of me.”

While Lee is clearly upset, it’s hard to feel too much sympathy for Evanescence’s leading lady. After all, Lee and her band mates have been one of rock’s most successful acts since breaking onto the scene with the 2003 release Fallen. But it’s the group’s highly anticipated follow-up, The Open Door, that’s truly certified Evanescence as modern rock royalty.

Following co-founder Ben Moody’s departure from the group in late 2003, skeptics who thought Evanescence’s appeal was yet another here today-gone tomorrow fad were almost certain that the band’s second CD would be a flop. They were wrong. Proving that she was more than just the face of the group, Lee’s compelling lyrics, poignant piano playing and stunning vocals took The Open Door to the top of the Billboard 200 chart.

“I remember we were about to go onstage when we heard the news,” Lee said. “It’s something you can never plan or expect. Really, I thought The Killers would sell more CDs because they were more fashionable.”

Playing The Pearl March 17, Lee says that those who know the band only from its heavily played third single, “My Immortal,” should skip out on the concert.

“It will definitely be a rock show,” she said. “We love playing live and we’ve improved so much over the years. We own it more.”

The 25-year-old believes that Moody’s departure helped the band achieve its current level of success, stating that Evanescence’s music has only been affected positively since he left. With Moody having quit over “creative differences,” Lee believes the group’s second album is much stronger musically without her one-time partner, and that The Open Door truly showcases the group’s full potential. Nevertheless, Lee does admit that she misses her friend, and that no matter how much creative control she now has over the group, she will always turn to her band mates for ideas and suggestions.

Given Lee’s familiarity within the pop culture landscape, though, many fans are wondering how long it will take before the dark-haired beauty steps out on her own and releases a solo CD. Rest assured, though, that Lee says her recent collaboration with Korn for MTV’s “Unplugged” is as solo as she’s going to get.

“Really, I don’t see a reason to skip out on the guys,” Lee said. “Everything I want to do musically I can do with Evanescence because the group is open to so many different things.”

And while at the beginning of the interview Lee was focused on her missing PSP, by the end her attention turned to a much more important subject: her upcoming nuptials. Yes, rock’s hottest female is getting ready to say “I do,” and when asked about the big day, Lee—who is known for her neo-goth style—laughed at the idea of a “traditional” wedding.

“Yeah, I don’t think it’s going to be very traditional,” Lee said. “We’ll keep it pretty simple. Hopefully, it will be a good, lasting marriage.”

Traditional or not, one thing’s for certain: If Lee’s marriage is anywhere near as successful as her music career, there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that it will last ’til death do they part.

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