Amy Lee spoke recently about how the firing of members Rocky Gray and John LeCompt in favor of Will Hunt and Troy McLawhorn has had a major positive impact on the band. Says Lee, “when we’re up there now we’re having a lot of fun, and I think when you’re on stage and you’re in a rock band playing in front of 10,000 people you should be having fun.

“Troy and Will are both very passionate and creative. It’s given the show the ability to grow and evolve. We’re changing things more often now and getting more creative with the set. It’s really given the band the kick start it needed.”

Lee says that playing live is more fun with the new line-up and that she can also see potential in writing songs with the new members. McLawhorn and Hunt both moved to Evanescence from the band Dark New Day, though Lee says that she has no problem with them still working with their old group. As for Evanescence, their currently gearing up for a headlining spot on the annual Family Values Tour.

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