Amy Lee is a survivor. The soaring voice behind the melancholy rock band Evanescence excels when dealing with adversity.

After the band completed its 2004 tour behind its breakthrough disc, “Fallen,” guitarist Ben Moody, who co-wrote with Lee, left Evanescence.

“He (Moody) was right there with me when we formed but some things have to end,” Lee said while calling from Boston. “That’s life.”

The following year, Lee broke up with her troubled boyfriend Shaun Morgan of Seether.

“Some relationships, personal or professional, aren’t meant to be,” she said. “You have to let some ships sail, especially if they’re bad for you.”

Lee slaps Morgan with the catchy “Call Me When You’re Sober,” which appears on Evanescence’s latest album, “The Open Door.” Much of the angst-ridden material, which was co-written by guitarist Terry Balsamo (who suffered a stroke in November 2005), is as dramatic as Lee’s soap-opera-esque existence.

In early May, guitarist John LeCompt was fired and drummer Rocky Gray quit. However, the resourceful and fiery Lee hired Dark New Day guitarist Troy McLawhorn and drummer Will Hunt so Evanescence could co-headline the Family Values tour with Korn, which stops Wednesday at the PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel.

Lee plugged the holes the same weekend she married therapist Josh Hartzler.

“Some people say a woman can only focus on her wedding,” she said. “It was easy for me to handle since there were issues with John and Rocky that were building. We were fortunate to add Troy and Will to the band. We’re feeling a lot healthier. It’s made the shows a lot better because everyone is enjoying playing the music.”

Evanescence thought about embarking on a summer tour headlining amphitheaters but opted to join the Family Values tour and go on its own jaunt in autumn.

“I think that being able to be part of a festival with a lot of other good bands is a good thing,” Lee said. “It’s fun. It’s the whole summer vibe. A lot of different things can happen on a tour like this.”

Collaborations are possible, and that excites Lee.

“People keep asking if I’m going to do the acoustic version of (Korn’s) “Freak on a Leash,’ ” Lee said. “Nothing has happened yet, but something could happen. Obviously that’s up to Korn. If they ask me, I’m totally willing. I love Korn. I think they’re awesome. It’s really cool to be onstage with people that you admire so much and that inspire you.”

Lee is looking forward to recording the next Evanescence album. She’s hoping that McLawhorn and Hunt will be part of the team but isn’t sure what will happen because of their Dark New Day responsibilities.

“Troy and Will are both very passionate and creative,” Lee said. “We are creative with the music that’s already there, and I think there’s definitely potential for us to write together at some point. I don’t want to get in the way of what they want to do with Dark New Day because I really admire and respect that band. I would write with both of them.”

But if Lee has to replace them, count on her to keep her group alive.

“I’ve been really good at keeping this band going,” Lee said. “I’ve done what I’ve had to do.”

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