During an appearance on ‘MuchOnDemand’ in Toronto last month, Seether front man Shaun Morgan opened up about his failed relationship with Evanescence singer Amy Lee, and his disappointment that she decided to put his struggles with addiction out in the public with ‘Call Me When You’re Sober’, the first release off the band’s second album ‘The Open Door’. Lee sings on the track, “Couldn’t take the blame. Sick with shame. Must be exhausting to lose your own game. Selfishly hated, no wonder you’re jaded. You can’t play the victim this time, and you’re too late.”

“I was disappointed,” Morgan told MuchMusic VJ Leah Miller. “In any relationship you have ups and downs. Whether or not there was an element of truth in what she had to say, she didn’t have to tell it to everybody. My first instinct was to lash out and do the same thing, but then I figured that would just make me the same kind of person, so I decided I wouldn’t write anything about that kind of stuff, because it just isn’t who I want to be anymore. I think when I was younger I certainly would have written something. It just seems like she’s young. She’s a kid. She’s like, barely 25, so I think she felt she needed to tell everybody what a bad guy I am.”

Morgan also revealed that the track has meant that there’s apparently been some fallout with Lee’s fans as well. “You know, I walked out of the hotel last night and some kid was sitting right in front of the hotel with his car windows open trying to play that song as loud as he could,” he revealed. “That part of it’s like, I don’t know what he was trying to do. It certainly wasn’t coincidence, because he was looking at me.” The bizarre moment rattled Morgan a bit. “I just kept walking,” he continued. “I actually was kind of nervous someone was going to come and knife me or something. I don’t know, maybe he’s mad at me or something.”

While many in the public eye would have avoided any comment about their relationships, let alone one that ended up so ugly, Morgan still had more to say. “You know, I just think you don’t end a relationship, then run around telling everyone what went wrong with a relationship and then blame it all on that and woe is me,” he opined. “I just figured I’d prefer to remember the good things. There was a time when I loved that girl very much and to have myself reduced to a slobbering drunk was kind of lame.”

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