Evanescence will travel for the first time this spring to South Africa, the homeland of singer Amy Lee’s former boyfriend, Seether frontman Shaun Morgan. Despite that connection, Lee told Launch that she hasn’t spoken with Morgan since the couple broke up in late 2005. “You know how relationships are,” she said. “It really is hard to still be friends and talk all the time when there’s hurt feelings there, you know. You open yourself up and there’s a wound there, and even after it heals, it’s sort of like, you can’t heal together. That’s not really healing for the most part. So, no, we’re not really talking or anything, but I hear he’s doing good and they’re working on a new album, so all the best.”

Lee has said that “Call Me When You’re Sober”, from Evanescence’s 2006 album “The Open Door”, was inspired by her two-year relationship with Morgan. The Seether frontman eventually went through rehab last summer and is now working on his group’s third record.

Amy got engaged to boyfriend Josh, a therapist, in January while the band was in Toronto to perform at the Air Canada Centre.

The longtime friends have been dating for about a year. It will be her first marriage.

Evanescence is playing South Africa’s My Coke Festival on April 27 in Johannesburg and May 1 in Cape Town. The band will also perform in South America for the first time later this month.

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