Evanescence star Amy Lee is publicly urging her ex-boyfriend and former bandmate Ben Moody to stop trying to contact her — because she feels any relationship with him would be “poisonous.”

The singer formed the goth-rock group with guitarist Moody and dated him before he quit the group in the middle of a tour in 2003.

She insists she has not spoken to her ex since, apart from a brief and unexpected meeting at the Grammy Awards in 2004, and has no desire to get in touch. She wishes Moody felt the same.

Lee says, “I don’t hate Ben; I just don’t ever want to speak to him again. He was truly kind of poisonous. Some people just aren’t good for you.”

The singer tells men’s magazine Blender that Moody has left her a couple of voicemails but she has no plans to return them: “We need to just live our separate lives.

“Wow, I’m being so bad right now. I’m going to burn for it. I’m going to get a pig heart in the mail from his mother after this interview.”

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