Evanescence star Amy Lee created the hit songs on the group’s new album THE OPEN DOOR during a reclusive 10 months, where she locked herself away in her Los Angeles home and only came out to see her therapist.
The singer agreed to confront her demons, which included abusive past romances, in therapy sessions after her mother advised her to seek a little help. And she found the psychological sit downs both comforting and inspiring.

Lee explains, “For the first, I don’t know, lots of sessions, I’d just go in and cry.
“I guess I was letting out all the ghosts of my past.” This dark period in Lee’s life allowed her to pen musical masterpieces and even try her hand at a little art – she tells Blender magazine that a painting of a heart spewing blood she created now hangs in her New York apartment.
It’s also given such her faith in therapy, her new boyfriend is a therapist called JOSH.
She giggles, “He’s a good listener, he makes me do breathing exercises when I freak out.”

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