Amy wrote a new message on a few days ago. She talks new music (yay!!) and reveals that there’s a surprise in store for us fans soon. I wonder what it is…

Hey everybody! Just checkin in.
There’s been a lot of writing going on this summer and I’m starting to get really excited. My good friend Will happens to also be a great producer, writer and programmer (lucky for me!) and we’ve been slaving away at some pretty interesting stuff lately… I’m not giving anything away just yet. Terry and I have been working together this week at my place just like old times and life is pretty good. I have a little surprise for you that I can’t spill just yet, but its coming soon and I can’t wait. I will let you know as soon as I’m allowed to!
Talk to you soon!


p.s. My favorite music right now: CSS, Depeche Mode (sounds of the universe)(‘in chains’ especially), MGMT, MIA. -Wow. I just realized thats a lot of initials…

p.s.s. David Hodges first solo ep comes out tomorrow! Congrats

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