hey yall,hope all is well,im stting here chillin after the sweet sac video wanted to stop by and say what up, new video is going to be badass,cant wait for everyone to see it,id have to say this one is 4sure probably gonna be coolest ev video yet,its really dark and aggresive.i also wanted to tell yall how amazing you have made the touring for this record,were really looking forward to getting back out next week and see our US fans but i have to say thank you very much to everyone we just saw in japan and australia for making those shows very special to us yall made it very comfortable to play during a hard time for me.thank you so much.well we have alot of cool stuff coming up all over the world touring,so hope to see you all soon………..thank you everyone,rock on……………..TERRY..(forgive me for any spelling screwups,its late,,see ya)

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