“Hey guys! I just wanted to say a few things about Sally’s song.
I first saw the Nightmare Before Christmas when I was about 13 years old. I loved it so much- the art, the music, the story- that I have watched it at least 40 times since then. It has been an inspiration to me since my artistic identity was just beginning to form, and it never gets old- it still puts me in the mood to create. I was the girl in high school who was blasting TNBC soundtrack in my car instead of whatever was cool back then. In all honesty, Sally’s Song has always been “my song” on that CD, and I used to play it over and over, making up harmonies to sing with it. I just want to gush out loud that I am SO lucky that I got to do this. Please believe me when I say they couldn’t have gotten a bigger fan to do it.

The coolest part about it was that I had complete creative control. It was just like, “go for it!” and I got to recreate the song however I wanted. So I went to my good friend Will Hunt’s studio in Ft. Worth (not the evanescence drummer, weird coincidence but its a totally different guy), who is a very creative producer and drummer, and we just had fun with it. I decided to whip out my new budding skill and play harp on the track, which I LOVE and intend to use much more in the future. Even though my version is different than the original, I wanted to pay homage to Danny Elfman and to Sally in every way I could, from the creepy background vocals to the droning harmonium (which reminds me of the accordian in the song). I can’t wait for it to come out, I love it so much! Thanks Will!
I’m not sure if you guys know this yet, but I’m going to play it on the Tonight Show on October 13. Tim will be up there with me.
I hope you enjoy the song, I cant wait to hear what you think!

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