It’s been so long since I’ve updated, the last post was in 2007 — oops! Shame on me. Well, things have been quiet in the world of Evanescence since the tour ended, but earlier this month Amy posted the following message on EvThreads, about their well-deserved Grammy nomination (unfortunately they didn’t win though):

Hi everybody. There have been some false claims in a few articles I’ve seen recently, and I just want to set things straight.

Making a record takes a lot of hard work, and a lot of heart. When Terry and I found out that Sweet Sacrifice was nominated for “best hard rock performance,” we were giddy with excitement to see something we’d created fly so high. You all know that Terry suffered a stroke right after tracking the guitars for The Open Door, and how much strength he’s had to have to overcome the effects its had on his performance. This is part of the reason the nomination was so touching to us. This award is for those who performed on the track, and I want to give credit where credit is due. Terry composed and performed ALL of the guitars on this song, Will played bass, Rocky played drums, and I sang vocals.

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