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Hey guys. Terry and I are sitting here in the control room at the studio- well be done mixing next week! I can hardly believe it, weve been working on this album for so long. The stuff sounds so good… Wow, what a trip this has been. I just wanted to say hi, check in with you and let you know that Terry is doing really well (he is downloading pantera ringtones right now and trying to get one of us to call him), Fortman is ruling it (in deep thought at the mixing board) and I am trying to figure out the order of the songs for the album. Its going to be hard to hold this music in all summer. haha! Terry just said to thanks for all you guys’ support, and all the kind words. I really want to thank you guys again for being so patient- i know its gonna be worth it. Hang in there! Ill keep you guys posted.
amy and terry

Thanks to evboard.

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