This is the tracklisting for Christina Aguilera’s new album and it has “Duet With Amy Lee” next to track 10.

01. Fly Far Away (intro)
02. No One’s Gonna Change You
03. Flapper Girls
04. Hello
05. Somos Novios (It’s Impossible) (duet with Andrea Bocelli)
06. Back in The Day
07. A Song For You (duet with Herbie Honckoker)
08. Stormy Weather
09. I¿ll Be Forever
10. Blue Eyes (duet with Amy Lee)
11. Understanding
12. Breathless (duet with Usher)
13. Hollywood Glamour (feat. Marilyn Monroe)
14. Here To Stay
15. Turn Your World Upside Down
16. Genie in a Bottle (intro)
17. Thank You
18. Save Me From Myself (For Jordan)
19. My Power (duet with Gwen Stefan)
20. Wish Go Bye For You

Now question is, is this “our” Amy Lee or is it a different one? We all know that Amy isn’t exactly a fan of Christina so I would be very surprised if they did a duet together. Rather interesting, though…. Guess we will have to wait and see.

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