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OK, hold on a second. I have to post that I in NO WAY am going to endorse any kind of britney bashing after everything she’s been through. I can’t control what people put on youtube or anywhere else on the internet, but I would NEVER want my picture or our music connected to something that’s based on getting enjoyment out of someone’s pain. I know what it’s like to feel manipulated, used and helpless- so do most of you, thats why you’re here- and by now I know what it’s like to feel like your entire life is open to the world for judgement. I don’t read tabloids and I don’t care about celebrity, but it is impossible to escape the whole world just loving to watch her suffer. Remember that this is a human being we’re talking about- and who wants to be like those horrible people that have hurt you to feel better about themselves? Everybody’s Fool is about the fact that the whole celebrity thing is fake and empty. I think Britney Spears is more aware of that now than anyone. I’m not trying to burn you at the stake, Strat, but it would mean alot to me if you’d take your clip down.

p.s.- tabloids are dumb. don’t buy them.

I personally have not seen the youtube video, but I think it’s awesome that Amy took the time to say what she did.

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