Hey everyone….
My ceiling is leaking from the upstairs shower and my cat is hacking up a massive hairball. Its so good to be home. Tour was awesome (all you fans at the shows SERIOUSLY rocked) but anything is better than that smelly tour bus. John and Shelly had a beautiful baby boy, and though we hated to cancel the last show in manchester, John made it home in time for the birth. (sorry ol’ chaps! we’ll make it up to you) Taking a sip of eggnog and enjoying my familiar chaos, I just want to say thanks to everyone for RULING at the shows and making it so fun for us. I really felt like with every show you knew the new stuff better, and i could feel that we were getting better and better at playing the new songs, and were really having fun with it now. Next year is gonna be awesome. In a world domination kind of way. I love you guys. The Lithium video premiers this week- i know you’ve already seen it but just pretend to be excited Happy holidays!!!

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