The complete track listing has been announced for EVANESCENCE’s new album, “The Open Door”, due on October 3 via Wind-Up. The band’s second major label offering, “The Open Door” will follow up 2003’s six-million-selling “Fallen”. When asked to describe the sound of the new disc, singer Amy Lee told Launch it was hard to explain. “It’s different than the last album, but it’s still EVANESCENCE,” she said. “I think the fans are really gonna love it. I’m a fan, I love this band, I wouldn’t be doing it if I wouldn’t love it, and I love it, so I guess that’s sort of my gauge for everything. But it’s different, it’s kind of fun and sexy, but it’s still, like, dark and, like, really epic at times.”

“I think if people expect this album is going to be softer and more feminine and more wimpy, they’re going to be surprised,” Lee told JAM! Music. “It’s not an album full of ‘My Immortal’-like songs. Every song is completely different and I feel like at times it definitely goes heavier than we had the capacity to do before. But in a way that’s still new and fun and unique and not trying to be like anything else that’s out there.”

It was also nice to collaborate with a different musician, Lee said, enthusing about founding member Ben Moody’s replacement, former COLD guitarist Terry Balsamo.

“I’ve never really written with someone before,” she told JAM! Music. “I don’t know if Ben and I ever wrote a song together. It was always, I would write and he would write and then we would bring our ideas together.”

“But the writing process with Terry was really, really great and different. We would just sit in a room and make demos. We’d work together and talk to each other and encourage one another. This whole writing together thing is good for me. I needed Terry to make it happen the way it did. I trust him and we trust each other to just try whatever.”

“The Open Door” track listing:

01. Sweet Sacrifice
02. Call Me When You’re Sober
03. Weight Of The World
04. Lithium
05. Cloud Nine
06. Snow White Queen
07. Lacrymosa
08. Like You
09. Lose Control
10. The Only One
11. Your Star
12. All That I’m Living For
13. Good Enough

EVANESCENCE has officially picked “Call Me When You’re Sober” as the first single from “The Open Door”. The song will arrive at radio stations around August 7.

EVANESCENCE guitarist Terry Balsamo suffered a stroke last November during the making of the record, but Lee says he has made a “miraculous” recovery.

EVANESCENCE also sued its former manager on grounds of professional negligence and sexual assault, among other claims.

Touring plans for “The Open Door” are yet to be announced.

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