Thanks for all of the sweet birthday wishes, I feel so loved. I had a RAD time last night! My friends are awesome, and they listened to me months ago when i jokingly said I wanted to go to medieval times for my birthday….which is cool cause I wasn’t really joking… and it was SOOOOO FUN! They called my name on the loudspeaker when I was knighted by the king, so my cover was blown and I was totally embarrassed. (I mean come on- people that hang out at medieval times are a serious part of our core audience) But it turned out to be a good thing because then our drinks were free!! Well… I can’t say that the free drinks weren’t without consequence. Everyone had a little too much and I’m afraid we harassed the red knight to a suicidal degree (we were cheering for the yellow knight). Someone threw a chicken leg at him and we got in trouble. Anyway, the party eventually turned into an all night guitar hero tournament at my apartment, and my birthday was freakin awesome. Thanks for being so cool, guys! I have to go get ready now because we’re playing letterman tonight and they make you hang out there all day. Talk to you soon!

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